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Foster Friends

Every night, Wanslea foster carers provide a stable, safe and nurturing home to children who cannot live with their own families. Our experience shows that they thrive when they live in a supportive, stimulating environment, connected to community. We are reaching out to community members to help us build a supportive network for foster carers and children in their care.

Foster Friends can support our most precious resource – foster carers. We also need your help to find more foster carers to meet the growing demand. Western Australia’s foster care system is under pressure and we urgently need more foster carers to care for children who otherwise remain at risk.

We aim to provide foster care families with a community of support to equip them to succeed. Foster Friends are volunteers who provide back up support to foster families by: preparing meals, running errands, mentoring, tutoring, babysitting, donating clothes, furniture, toys, books, helping with transport, preparing first night bags for children entering foster care, and helping with recreational and holiday activities.

Providing this kind of support is critical to encourage caring families to become and remain foster families. The Foster Friends program ensures that foster families have the help they need, when they need it, within their community.

For more information on Foster Friends, call (08) 9245 2441 or email fosterfriends@wanslea.org.au

Wanslea Foster Carers in Perth Western Australia speak about their experiences of being supported by volunteers from their communities.