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About Wanslea

Wanslea Foster Care is a community based fostering agency in Perth, Western Australia. Wanslea Foster Care is committed to high quality care for children and excellence in support of foster carers.

Wanslea is a not for profit organisation who provide home based foster care for children up to 18 years who cannot live at home. Wanslea offer emergency, short break, temporary (up to 2 years) and permanent (orders until 18) foster care arrangements.

Emergency foster carers need to be able to commit to a minimum 7 days up to 21 days to provide stability for a child when they have just come into care.

Short break is provided to children who are already placed with foster carers. Short break can be for 1 night, a weekend or a school holiday break. Short break carers can become part of the child’s regular network of support and contribute to their stability in care.

Temporary care aligns with the initial orders that are granted when a child comes into care (Time Limited – up to 2 years), this allows the Department of Communities to work with parents and family to address the issues that saw the child come into care and reunify the child back to their family. A child is always best placed with their family and temporary carers can provide a safe and nurturing home environment whilst this occurs.

Permanent care arrangements are a long term commitment. Children who are placed on Protection Orders (Until 18), require an alternative place to live. The child will remain having contact with parents and their family even if they are on long term orders. It is important that carers who provide permanent care are able and willing to keep a child connected to their culture throughout their time in care.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Foster Carer, Wanslea holds Information Sessions across the year at various office locations. Click here for details

Do I have
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How to become a foster parent

A foster carer is someone who can make room in their home and heart for children who need temporary or long term care. They’re loving, compassionate people who can handle stressful situations. They’re flexible and willing to work as part of a team. Most of all, a foster carer is someone who wants to make a real difference to a child’s life.
Apart from having the above personal traits, potential foster carers must also meet other specific criteria. These include:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • Your marital status or relationship should be stable and unchanged over the past year
  • You should be physically, emotionally and financially stable. However we have a fantastic support team available if required
  • You should not have had a major illness or trauma during the past 12 months
  • You should be able to provide the children with their own room and storage space

Do you have
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foster child?

The process after you apply

If we agree to proceed with your application the following process will occur:

All prospective foster carers will need to provide a National Police Clearance Certificate, apply for a Working with Children Card and undertake the Department for Communities online ‘Form 395’ screening check.

All prospective applicants will be required to attend Preparation Training which is the equivalent of 19 hours of training. Other training and workshop participation will be identified with interested applicants.

All Foster Carers will need to undertake online Child Safe training prior to approval and provide certificate of training to their assessor.

All Foster Carers will need to undertake Cultural Awareness training.

Please fill in the form

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Caring for
Aboriginal Children

Connecting with Aboriginal culture
and family network

Aboriginal children are over represented in foster care. Wanslea believe that where possible, Aboriginal children should be cared for by Aboriginal carers. Wanslea Foster Care strives to connect Aboriginal children with their culture and with their family network.

Wanslea are urgently requiring Aboriginal families to become provide foster care. We encourage you to contact our office and discuss your interest in becoming foster carers.

For non-Aboriginal carers, if you are approved to care for Aboriginal children, you will be required to undertake cultural awareness training and work with Wanslea and Department of Communities staff to develop, implement and support a cultural plan that will provide opportunities for cultural healing and support for Aboriginal children.

Kaartdijin Mia Mia Library

The Wanslea Aboriginal Resource Library opened on Friday 31 March 2017 and is a valuable resource to Aboriginal children in out of home care and their carers.

The library is named ‘Kaartdijin Mia Mia’ meaning ‘Home of knowledge’ in Noongar language. The library has been described by Aboriginal Elders to be a significant resource available to Aboriginal children to enable them to identify with their culture and feel a sense of security and belonging.

The library is a place where children are always welcome to come and browse and often there will be an Aboriginal Elder in attendance to allow for carers and children to learn about their culture first hand.

This library is open to all foster carers from any agency in Western Australia. It has books, toys, CDs, DVDs and other educational resources particularly for Aboriginal children.

To access the Kaartdijin Mia Mia library please call 08 9425 2441 and ask to speak with a Foster Care Family Support Worker

Please contact Wanslea Foster Care team to find out more about fostering Aboriginal children and helping to keep them connected to culture and family.

Spaces needed
for small hearts
in the Great Southern

Great Southern Fostering

Wanslea Foster Care offers foster care in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. The Great Southern comprises the City of Albany and the Shires of Broomehill-Tambellup, Cranbrook, Denmark, Gnowangerup, Jerramungup, Katanning, Kent, Kojonup, Manjimup, Plantagenet and Woodanilling.

Click here for a map of the region.

Wanslea Foster Carers are supported by professional staff, learning and development and access to equipment and other resources.

If you or someone you know lives in the Great Southern region and would like to find out more about fostering at Wanslea, email fostercare@wanslea.org.au or call us on 9843 0070 to speak to one of our staff about fostering.

See how a little
space can make
a big difference

Success Stories

Wanslea Foster Journeys

Jodie and Meaghan

Jodie and Meaghan are friends and foster carers. They live in the Southern suburbs of Perth and provide care to younger children. Both carers believe strongly that children should be with their families and that foster families and birth families should work together to create a positive environment for children in care.

I was a Foster Child

Larnie, Ernie and Mitchell were all in foster care and in this film they describe their experiences of being in care and speak about the support they received from foster carers and from Wanslea. Each of the young people has a different perspective but they all highlight the positive difference that their foster carers made in their lives.

Foster Now!

Wanslea Foster Carers Dana and Gary and Teresa and Mark speak about their fostering experiences. Both couples give different perspectives on fostering and highlight some of the challenges as well as the rewards that they have experienced.

Helping those
who help children

Providing Support to Foster Carers

Every night, Wanslea foster carers provide a stable, safe and nurturing home to children who cannot live with their own families. Our experience shows that they thrive when they live in a supportive, stimulating environment, connected to community. We are reaching out to community members to help us build a supportive network for foster carers and children in their care. Foster Friends can support our most precious resource – foster carers.

 We also need your help to find more foster carers to meet the growing demand. Western Australia’s foster care system is under pressure and we urgently need more foster carers to care for children who otherwise remain at risk.

Wanslea Foster Care recruits and supports foster carers who provide therapeutic, safe and thriving homes for children who are unable to live with their parents.

We aim to provide these families with a community of support to equip them to succeed. Foster Friends are volunteers who provide back up support to foster families by: preparing meals, running errands, mentoring, tutoring, babysitting, donating clothes, furniture, toys, books, helping with transport, preparing first night bags for children entering foster care, and helping with recreational and holiday activities.

Providing this kind of support is critical if we want to encourage caring families to become and remain foster families. The Foster Friends program ensures that foster families have the help they need, when they need it, within their community.

For more information on Foster Friends, call (08) 9245 2441 or email fosterfriends@wanslea.org.au

Wanslea Foster Carers in Perth Western Australia speak about their experiences of being supported by volunteers from their communities. Volunteer foster friends provide support such as child minding, food preparation, respite, activities for children and a listening ear.